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My Art Books and I - (Plus Art History lectures coming soon.)

Later in the year (Covid permitting) I am going to start up my Art History lectures again. I have quite a few ideas in the pipeline and can't wait to start. They will be held here in my gallery as they have been in the past. I am planning a Morning Tea version and an Evening Champagne session for each topic.

I sit here on my leopard print couch and I am surrounded by art books. This is where I sit when the gallery is open. Like most art lovers I have been missing the big galleries of the world so memories and imagination (with the help of books) are great tools to transport you to the masterpieces of the world.

I keep the artist monographs alphabetized. Here is a close up with some of the F to H.

I can't stop collecting Art Books and this is just the gallery section. Downstairs in the house I have a whole room full. There is nothing better than sitting down with a cup of tea and looking through them. I learn new things all the time. In fact - "So much art, so little time"! There are always little nuggets of information in the text. I take constant notes.

One thing I have enjoyed since Covid is seeing TV interviews with people in their homes. I always try to decipher what's on the bookshelves behind them.

I had a bit of fun getting these photos and then my little one year old granddaughter got in on the act with one of her books!

I will write a dedicated blog post about the lecture topics when Covid hopefully settles down again.

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