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In love with Charcoal - Upcoming exhibition

I have been working so hard on this new series for the last few years and I have titled the exhibition

"Against All Odds - The Natural World in the City"

It presents something of a departure as far as media is concerned.

I have gradually been falling in love with charcoal over the past few years and feel I am finally achieving something totally new with this medium.

I am a great walker and for many years on my late afternoon walk, I have been seeking a new way of expressing and interpreting the streets, roads, suburbs and trees that I love.

I have been bemoaning the disappearance of colour from the Brisbane suburbs of Paddington, Bardon, Red Hill, and Spring Hill. Gone are the red rooves and the blues, greens and pinks. These days there seems to be a fashion for whites, silver, grey or beige, or "greige" as I have dubbed it.

While this disappoints me, it has compelled me to reassess how I respond to my subject matter. It has forced me to respond in a more authentic way, hence the charcoal with its possibilities of subtlety with a hint of colour. The main colour comes from the foliage.

My favourite time to walk is after rain. It's cooler of course, but because things are damp, the colours are richer and the blacks are blacker.

In my artwork these blacks can only be achieved with the softest, darkest charcoal.

There is a hint of colour used in these drawings with just a touch of pastel pencil.

I think these are my best and most authentic works to date.

Details of the exhibition. SAVE THE DATE

"Against All Odds - The Natural World in the City"

An exhibition of new drawings by

Robyn Bauer

Dates 12 May - 3 June 2023

Opening Night Friday 12 May 6pm

Join us for Wine and Cheese

To be opened by Dr Judith Hamilton PhD

Robyn Bauer Studio Gallery

54 Latrobe Terrace Paddington 4064

Ph 0404016573

Gallery Hours for this exhibition only

Tues- Sat 10am 4pm

Hope to see you!

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