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Don't You Just Love Blue and White?

I am unsure when my obsession with blue and white porcelain began. I feel that it has always been with me since I played with my grandmother's ornaments and buttons as a small child. There was something about the light shining through ultramarine glass that tapped into something deep within me. I collect anything blue now like a true Bowerbird, my namesake bird. The blue thread has always been there in my paintings.

I just like to share a few of the blue and white details from the contemporary baroque still life series currently hanging as part of the RAPT IN BLUE exhibition.

Hope you enjoy them enough to seek out the whole painting!

Some of the objects make several appearances. The blue and white porcelain and china objects add a touch of the exotic, with the patterning, design and shine they jump out of each image. I love to combine something red against them to really make them sing.

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