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Daily painting for 30 days of September

For 30 days in September I have taken part in an online challenge to paint a daily painting from life. I decided to concentrate on my local area of Brisbane's Paddington for the most part and I found the experience incredibly rewarding.

The challenge was a global one and over 1100 artists took part and 875 finished the challenge which was initiated by Strada Easel in the USA.

Early rising was the key for me and finding a shady spot with a well lit subject. Each painting took about 2 hours. On my afternoon walks I would often find a location and hope that in the morning the light direction was still appropriate. I really learned more about en plein air painting as I progressed. Many locations I could walk to.

I managed to do a variety of urban, natural, iconic and ordinary subjects. So much fun and connecting with other artists from around the world on the same journey.

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